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Method of manufacturing steel fibre
Time:2020-02-13    Source:    Views:1473
First: cold-drawn stainless steel into wire, and then cut into short fiber; called steel wire cut method, this method has two disadvantages, one is a complicated process, high cost; the other is the steel fiber surface smooth, in order to improve the bond strength between fiber and refractory concrete, it is necessary to change the surface shape of stainless steel fiber, such as pressing edge, wave shape, Bend Hook, etc. . Second: The thin steel plate cut into fiber, first steel plate cut into steel, and then steel cut into a certain width of fiber. Third: The thick steel plates (or steel ingots) are cut into fibers by a milling cutter with a flat edge. The fibers made by this method have higher bond strength to the concrete matrix than to the shear steel fibers due to the plastic deformation and axial distortion of the steel fibers during cutting. Fourthly, scrap steel is melted by electric furnace, and some alloy materials such as chromium, nickel and silicon are added to obtain liquid stainless steel with different chemical composition, the temperature is 1500 ~ 1600 °C. Above the molten steel is a grooved melt puller. When the high-speed rotating wheel is close to the molten steel, the molten steel is ejected and cooled to form a shape. Melting extraction is the most promising of the four methods: A. Because the raw material source is extensive, the manufacture craft is simple, the price is cheap;. When steel fiber is thrown out, rapid cooling and quenching can enhance the strength of the inner grain refinement. The oxidation rate at high temperature is reduced by coating the oxide film. Because of the rough surface, the bond strength between fiber and concrete matrix is improved.
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