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Applications of steel fiber
Time:2020-02-13    Source:    Views:1510

1. Metallurgical Industry, spray gun, immersion tube and slag barrier in refining outside furnace; Tundish cover and lining; triangular area of Electric Furnace; furnace cover; iron ditch cover; torpedo tank; Coke Oven Door; Steel Rolling Heating Furnace Door; furnace top; burner; ring furnace retaining wall; furnace bottom roll; Refractory lining for all kinds of furnaces, such as tapping trough for forging steel furnace. 

2. In the construction industry, steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) is a new composite material which has been developed rapidly in the world and at home in recent years. It is widely used in the fields of construction, highway pavement, bridge, tunnel, airport pavement, hydraulic engineering, port engineering, military engineering and all kinds of construction products for its excellent properties of tensile, bending, shear, crack resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance and high toughness. 

3. heat-resistant lining for kilns, sintering furnaces, reduction furnaces, refining furnaces, flues, burners and other furnaces. 

4. Lining of catalytic cracking units in petrochemical industry, especially in oil refining units.

5. Power Industry, fossil-fuel power station heat resistant lining. 

6. Environmental Industry, incinerator. 

7, machinery industry, vibration furnace bottom, various heating furnace.

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