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Method of steel fiber delivery
Time:2020-02-13    Source:    Views:1578
How to put the steel fiber and mixing, this has become a puzzle people have been the problem, in fact, very simple, today to take you into the knowledge of steel fiber. Here are a few things to note. In order to ensure the quality of steel fiber silicon, must accurately measure all kinds of materials, all materials are calculated by weight. The permissible deviation for weighing steel fibers is 2% O. Steel fiber mixer loading capacity should be controlled 85% of the car capacity. The aggregate and the steel fiber should be put into the mixer according to the proportion of the construction mix, and the steel fiber and the aggregate should be mixed 213 minutes by force, and then water should be added to the mixer for 315 minutes, and the steel fiber should be checked to stir evenly. If there is the phenomenon of steel fiber bonded together, should continue to stir until the steel fiber is completely dispersed into a single so far. It is better to use horizontal biaxial forced mixer to agitate steel fiber silicon. The fiber silicon agitator tank truck shall be used after being transported to the construction site, and shall be accelerated to rotate for 2-3 minutes and checked for any clumping phenomenon
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