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How the fibers in the concrete work
Time:2020-02-13    Source:    Views:1516
The role of steel fiber in engineering construction has been constantly strengthened, and it is also widely used in concrete. We should see that steel fiber plays a greater role in concrete. The two theories can not fully explain the effect of steel fiber reinforced concrete on Matrix, and the composite theory neglects the effect of steel fiber on Matrix, that is, the coupling effect of composite The biggest disadvantage of the fiber spacing theory is that it neglects the coupling effect of fiber itself, and emphasizes the anti-crack effect of fiber unilaterally, and the fiber spacing which plays the decisive role should be the fiber spacing theory. Although the high modulus steel fiber in concrete matrix mainly plays the role of strengthening and toughening, the theory of Steel Fiber Reinforced Matrix has not been solved satisfactorily so far, and the theory of composite and fiber spacing still coexist. The composite theory is put forward when the brittle fiber reinforced Ductile Matrix material is studied, and it is feasible to calculate the properties of the Composite Matrix as the same as before
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